Things And Activities To Do On Jeju Island

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Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea and its centerpiece is a dormant volcano called Hallasan. It’s covered with gorgeous beaches, black volcanic rocks, and other smaller islands peppering its perimeter. Loads of people visit this vacation destination every day. Let’s start with the necessities.

You might stay in a guest house or hostel, as they are known in Korea. But I appreciate having a view when waking up in the morning, and Jeju Island has some of Korea’s most stunning views. In the southern part of the island, close to Youngmori coast, Zen Hideaway is an amazing accommodation to stay at and get enjoy your breathtaking view of Sanbangsan, this place comes highly recommended. There are countless other locations with ocean views. A traditional stone house is another intriguing choice in Jeju. The walls are made of black stones, which have a cool appearance.

The next meal is one of my favorite things to eat in Jeju, and I highly recommend it. The dish consists of noodles in pork or fish broth with fatty pork slices on top. Its name is Gogi Guksu and In Jeju, it’s an inexpensive, full dinner.

Samgyeopsal or Korean BBQ is another delectable dish in Jeju. Black pork, also known as Heugdwaeji, is a delicacy from Jeju that is well-known throughout the world. However, it is extremely expensive, and often difficult to tell the difference, although one could say that it is gamier and more flavorful. With or without black pork, Jeju BBQ is, in my opinion, the best in all of Korea. Every location has a unique method, and although grilling over hot coals is the most common, the best way to cook is on a flattop grill. A piece of meat on some lettuce with all your favorite Banchan on top should be rolled up and eaten.

Dongmun Market or Dongdaemun Sijang are great if you’re a big fan of traditional markets. Jeju Island has an abundant sea, and this market is where you can buy a wide variety of seafood.

Don’t be hesitant to stray, though, and go exploring. Street food is available day and night, so you’re covered. One of Jeju Island’s gems is the beach at Woljeong-ri. It’s a harbor-protected beach with calm, turquoise waves. Its waters are among the most tranquil for swimming. Getting there without a car is a little challenging, but if you can manage a short walk, it’s not too difficult. You can unwind in one of the many lovely cafes around.

Depending on the tide, there are many beach locations. Hamdeok Beach is the nearest to Jeju City, it also gets extremely crowded during the summer when festivals are held there. To avoid these crowds and enjoy the beach to yourself, visit anytime other than from June to August. Numerous excellent eateries may be found on Jeju Island. Most of them have wonderful vistas and unique coffee drinks. The atmosphere in these cafés is very laid-back, making them ideal for reading, talking, or other activities.

Then comes Biyangdo. the island that can be seen off of Hyupjae. There are vistas of the Big Island from the short ferry voyage there. Additionally, there are numerous Bomal dishes, or sea snails in English, on the island. Be bold and give them a shot. You decide to feed the neighborhood cats instead if you don’t like them. This location is also really beautiful. I don’t know what is more attractive to you—the faraway cluster of islands or the drying of squids. Renting motorized bikes in Biyangdo is enjoyable and it’s a great place to watch the sunset. It’s off the beaten track, and the day excursion is worthwhile. I’ll now take you to several interesting southern island locations.

The rocky coast of Yongmeori has beautiful landforms. There is a nominal charge to admire the breathtaking vistas and the fresh shellfish being sold by Haenyeo’s. In the south of the island, it is a brief daytime activity. I’ll quickly touch on Olle trails next. If you enjoy hiking, do some research and choose one for a day excursion; they are all over this island. You might deviate from the Olle route and find this stunning temple. All visitors are welcome to explore the cave at the back of Yagcheonsa Temple, which appears old but was really erected recently, as well as the temple itself, where a large Buddha sits in peace.

When it came to size, Yeomiji Botanical Garden was the largest in Asia. Impressive and gorgeous describe this location. From around the world, they have exotic plants.

Don’t forget to ride the elevator to the top for a stunning view of the island’s south. The largest market in the southern part of the island, Olle Market, naturally carries seafood and other whole foods But this area is also teeming with fantastic restaurants and street food. For all of my happy days, I have to have some street food. And this location is reliable. Manong chicken is one dish that is incredibly popular and must be ordered. They cut the chicken off the bone to get extra crispy chicken bits, and it is a special fried chicken with strong garlic flavors. It is quite delicious and enticing. Its flavor is unique among all fried chicken.

Island hopping is a lot of fun and Marado is an island accessible from Jeju by ferry in about 40 minutes. This is one of South Korea’s southern islands. The distinctive chapel, Buddhist temple, and solar-powered location are popular along with the noodle dish Jajangmyunn. It’s a really interesting area to visit for a day trip. We’ve saved the finest for last, so let’s get started.

Our top spot in Jeju is Seongsan Ilchulbong.

In this region, you can find several delicious seafood dishes. Galchi comes highly recommended. It is a long, extremely shiny, silver fish with white meat. It has a mild fish flavor and is very simple to enjoy if you like eating fish.

Udo island is Jeju’s nearest and largest island and to reach there, you must ride a beautiful ferry. The peanut industry makes Udo a very popular tourist destination. I advise renting one of these electric tuk-tuks when traveling. It’s enjoyable in the traditional sense. Udo offers equestrian riding in addition to lovely beaches.

There is peanut ice cream, peanut noodle soup, peanut coffee, and peanut burgers but the peanut Mandu is my favorite. They have really distinct Mandu and are the best i’ve ever had. Every day they are made fresh from scratch. The Mandu dough contains ground peanuts, and Gogi Mandu pairs nicely with them. This is just a small percentage of what Jeju offers.

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