Song Kang, First time cover ELLE Magazine

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Photo = “ELLE”

The cover shot of actor Song Kang has been released. This is the first time he has been on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Song Kang, proved his presence as an actor in the much-talked-about Netflix original series “Sweet Home,” and has finished shooting Season 2 of “Love Alarm” and is currently busy shooting the drama “Navillera”. He said, “I want the site to be a fun place for everyone, not a workplace. I’m joking because get to know each other, but when shooting starts, I’d rather concentrate on it so that it doesn’t bother me.” .. In response to the question “Where is a place to relax like ‘Sweet Home’?”, “It’s in nature. I hope I can spend my time quietly reading books and thinking about things in such a place.” he answered.

The February issue of “ELLE” will be released with a total of six covers, including three covers for Song Kang and three covers for IZ*ONE’s Kim Min-ju and Jang Won-young.

Song Kang’s photo shoot & interview, video content can be found through the February issue of “ELLE”, their homepage, and YouTube.

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