Son Dam-bi’s Past Betrayed by Former Manager… Shocking Episode: “From Furniture to Underwear…” (video)

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Photo=Mnet “TMI NEWS” broadcast screen capture

Singer and actress Son Dam-bi’s episode where she was betrayed by her former manager was introduced.

In a recent episode of Mnet’s “TMI NEWS,” a cable channel broadcast in Korea, the theme of the episode was “A Star Betrayed by Someone She Knew.”

During the broadcast, MC Jun Hyun-moo said, “Her manager, whom Son Dam-bi trusted like family, became addicted to gambling and needed money, he called a moving truck and stole all the furniture in her house, even her underwear. everything he could get my hands on,” he said, shocking us all.”

He added, “The manager was later caught, but her personal belongings were already sold, and Son Dam Bi had to buy all new furniture.

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