Solbi regrets impulsive plastic surgery? Confessing past dark history “I’m tired of my busy schedule … I wanted to rebel”

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Photo = MBC “Radio Star” broadcast screen capture

Singer Solbi talks about the past.

Son Bum-Soo, Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, Solbi, and SF9’s Chan-hee appeared in the “Kayo MC TOP10” special feature of MBC “Radio Star” recently broadcast in South Korea, revealing various episodes.

Solbi said about her busy past, “I was exhausted because I had a lot of schedules. But I had to continue with live broadcasts. I had seven schedules every day.” “I rebelled as such, and I consulted with an orthopedics and had an operation right away. Then I went to the live broadcast the swelling didn’t go away and I didn’t wear sunglasses. “

She then said, “I regret that plastic surgery and shouldn’t have been so impulsive.” “I think i should have had a psychological test before I got plastic surgery.. If I have had a psychological test, I wouldn’t have the surgery.”

In addition, Solbi said, “I’m thinking about an egg bank because there are biological limits.” “I was consulted by an egg bank, but there were conditions. I was told not to drink alcohol for 6 months. I gave up, ” she said, invoking laughter.

Solbi also said, “When I send a painting, I pray before sending it. I want my painting to go to someone’s house and play a good role.”

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