“Shin Ha-kyun’s niece,” Eunyoung former Brave Girls leader, shares her thoughts on her wedding, “I’m really happy.”

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Photo=Eunyoung Instagram

On the 30th, fromer Brave Girls Eunyoung shared her thoughts on getting married.

Eunyoung wrote on her Instagram, “It was the most heartfelt, grateful and happy day of my life. I was really happy. I can’t express this feeling in words,” she said.

She continued, “In spite of the difficult time, many people attended the event, and everyone who couldn’t even enter even though the venue opened up four floors because all the floors were full (tears). I want to come back and say hello after my honeymoon,” she added.

Eunyoung said, “Especially my groom, my love. I really love you and thank you. The groom said he would make it the happiest day, but when he does it, he does it. Oh, I’m crying again. I, a two-match talker, am going to go on my honeymoon.”

Eunyoung debuted as Brave Girls in April 2011 and was active until February 2016. She is also known as the niece of actor Shin Ha-kyun.

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