SF9’s Chan-hee and Kim Gang-hyun to star in the movie “The Gossip” to be released in Korea on June 3

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Photo=”The Gossip” movie poster

The movie “The Gossip” starring Kim Gang-Hyun, SF9’s Chani, Kim So-Ra , and Jo Jae-Yun will be released in Korea on June 3.

The film is a kitschy and charming story about a group of people who gather at a mansion in the countryside looking for a part-time job that is easy and pays a lot of money, but when they start telling unbelievable “monkeys” (stories about their experiences), unpredictable things happen.

The main poster features a policeman’s line and a bloodied corpse, attracting attention. In contrast to the seriousness of the situation, the green and lively tone of the poster evokes the sentiment of a kitsch movie.

In particular, the strong catchphrase, “I got messed up by telling a monkey (experience),” foreshadowed a suspense that was unpredictable and hard to take your eyes off. It also raises curiosity about the four characters around the body, each with their own unique personalities, and anticipation for the story they would tell.

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