[Questions and answers to BTOB 4U] A series of laughter talks about Japan … Making full use of “Pien” and “Kyun”! ?? anime lines!

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BTOB’s Eun Kwang, Minhyuk, Chang Sub, and Peniel form the unit “BTOB 4U”! Their 1st mini album “INSIDE” was released in November last year, and the title song “Show Your Love” attracted many fans who have been waiting for their activity with a performance that does not make you feel the military white period (blank period due to enlistment).

BTOB recently had a TMI (Too Much Information) interview of BTOB 4U!

In the interview, they answered questions about Japan. we look back on our activities in Japan and mention that our favorite is Japanese food. In addition, it is inevitable that the members will laugh too much, such as completely copying the lines of the anime that they are addicted to recently and mastering popular words such as “Pien” and “Kyun”!

BTOB 4U will hold an online concert “INSIDE” on January 23rd to give fans all over the world a good time. Keep an eye on the members who are widely active in music programs and variety shows.

Photo = CUBE Entertainment

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