Qi Wei & Lee Seung-hyun from TAKE, visit a hospital together…attracting media coverage.

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Lee Seung-hyun, who is from the group TAKE and is currently active in China, and his wife, Chinese actress Qi Wei (戚薇), were caught at a hospital.

On the 29th, a Chinese media outlet reported that they were caught coming out of the hospital for a checkup.

According to the report, Qi Wei was wearing larger clothing and the two came out of the hospital holding each other’s hands. The media speculated that they were expecting their second child.

Lee Seung-hyun is from the group TAKE and is the brother of the late singer Lee Yeon Ji. Currently an actor and TV personality in China, he met top Chinese star Qi Wei in the drama “Another me in the world (世界上另一个我)” in 2012 and they married in 2014. Their first child, a baby girl, was born later in 2015.

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