OH MY GIRL Seunghee reveals how much she misses her fans with memorable photos: “There are so many things I want to do.”

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Photo=Seunghee Instagram

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee confessed her feelings to her fans.

Seunghee posted on her Instagram, “Behind the scenes of our overseas tour,” saying, “The suffering earth regains its energy, let’s meet soon Miracle (OH MY GIRL’s fans). “There are so many things I want to do. I want to do performances, and I want to do concerts. Isn’t that right, Miracle?” She wrote.

The photo released along with this shows Seunghee enjoying her free life, touring in various places before the Coronavirus. She is showing off her cute charm with her long hair, or riding on a carousel, giving off an elegant vibe. She also showed a friendly selfie with Hyojung, a member of the same group.

Netizens who saw the post said, “I miss you too,” “I miss you more when I see your pictures. Let’s meet soon.”

article written by kpops.net