NiziU’s latest reality show “NiziU Scout” will be available on their official YouTube channel from April 30

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NiziU's latest reality show "NiziU Scout" will be available on their official YouTube channel from April 30

NiziU, the global girl group that is currently taking the music scene by storm, has announced that their latest reality show will start airing on YouTube on April 30th (Friday).

April 20th is “NiziU Day”. On the same day, NiziU held a live broadcast called “NiziU Today – A Day with WithU” from 8pm.

This was a new opportunity for NiziU members to communicate with WithU (NiziU’s fans) around the world. This event was made possible by the strong desire of the NiziU members to have a place to interact with WithU.

In response to questions submitted via SNS, they performed a relay dance of “Poppin’ Shakin'” from their latest single “Take a picture / Poppin’ Shakin'” released on April 7 (Wed), which ranked No.1 in Oricon Weekly Single Ranking.

They also talked about the behind-the-scenes shooting of the music video for the title track “Take a picture” and other fan-favorite projects as if they were having a girl talk with NiziU in their private space. The first live broadcast was a great success.

NiziU’s appearance and talk, which is rarely seen in the media, became the talk of the town on SNS, and “#NiziU_Today” started trending and quickly became number one.

During the live broadcast, a teaser video for their latest reality show, “NiziU Scout,” was released as a surprise.

In “NiziU Scout”, the nine members will be portraying their growth as they face various missions in the camp. It’s a must-see program that shows a different side of the cool NiziU girls who usually give stunning performances on music programs.

NiziU’s latest reality show “NiziU Scout” will be available on YouTube “NiziU Official Channel” from April 30 (Fri.).

Release Information
NiziU Scout
Distribution date and time: Friday, April 30, 20:00-
Distribution platform: NiziU Official YouTube Channel

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