Koo Hye-sun announces release of piano album “Breath 4” at the end of February … Report to fans on SNS “Please wait a little longer”

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Photo = Koo Hye Sung’s SNS

Koo Hye Sung has announced the release of her new album.

On the afternoon of the 24th, Koo Hye Sung said through her Instagram that “the release of the piano’s new age album” Breath 4 “has been postponed to the end of February.”

Her new age album “Breath” is an album composed mainly of piano performances, and is Ku Hae-sung’s fourth piano piece album following “Breath 1”, “Breath 2” and “Breath 3”. She released “Breath 3” in September last year.

Koo Hye Sung added, “I’ll tell you a short song,’Is it happy?’. Please wait a little longer.”

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