Hyuna Kim, bold exposure of shock! 7th mini album “I’m Not Cool” preview image released … Pay attention to costumes that are too sexy

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Singer Kim Hyuna has released a preview image.

On the 23rd, Hyuna released the 4th preview image of her 7th mini album “I’m Not Cool” to be released on the 28th through official SNS.

In the preview image, the figure of Kim Hyuna wearing a bold style costume with emphasized body line is included. The uniquely designed outfit wraps up to the ankle and the intense make-up emphasized the charisma of a “hot icon”.

In particular, she showed off her sexyness, which was different from the popular pop atmosphere preview image that was released prior to this, and she worked on various concepts and raised expectations for the new album.

The 7th mini-album “I’m Not Cool” consists of five tracks that contain the true appearance and story of Hyuna Kim. The title song “I’m Not Cool”, which has the same name as the album, is a song that looks gorgeous and cool on stage, Hyuna shouts, “Actually, I’m not cool.” ), Hyuna Kim, and DAWN (formerly PENTAGON’s Idon) participated in the songwriting.

Hyuna performed the title song “I’m Not Cool” and her song “GOOD GIRL” at NAVER NOW. “#OUT NOW” at 8 pm on the day of the release of the new album. The inside story of the album preparation will be released.

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