Heize releases MV for title track “HAPPEN”… subtle tension with Song Joong-ki

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Photo=”HAPPEN” MV Capture

Heize sang about coincidence and fate.

Her 7th EP album “HAPPEN” was released at 6pm on the 20th. The music video for the title track “HAPPEN” was released. This album is the first album since she joined PSY’s P NATION, where he is the representative, and the first new album to be released in about 11 months.

Yoo Gong-yeong is the producer, and Heize participated in the composition and lyrics of “HAPPEN,” a song with a sweet melody line and her unique sad voice stands out. It talks about the important moments around and whether people are really coincidence or fate.

The song goes on to say, “I opened my eyes by chance and I was born into this world and I happened to be where you are. The song begins with a story about the fate that coincidences create, saying, “The little habits that I’ve gradually acquired will show me the way to you.

Heize said, “If I hadn’t wandered there at that time, if you hadn’t said your sad goodbyes that day, where I walked with you behind you, the flowers you dropped, we have waited for each other in the dangerous time. It may be too soon to call it fate. It’s too early to call it fate, it’s too early to call it coincidence, it needs an explanation.”

The repetitive chorus of the song, “First time, you seem to know the way, coincidence, everything seems to be fixed, suffering, love, and ordinary parting You can make it happen You can make it heaven You seem to be fixed, coincidence, everything seems to be fixed,” combined with the atmospheric variations, lyrical atmosphere, and sad voice, is a hit with the ears.

The music video for the song, featuring Song Joong-ki, attracted a lot of attention even before it was released.

Heize said, “For the music video, I captured all the moments that passed me by. It tells the story of two people who lived close to each other all the time, passed each other many times, rode in an elevator together, but didn’t know each other. I think you’ll be able to relate to it when you see it,” she said. In the music video, Heize and Song Joong-ki pass each other many times in the same place, creating a subtle tension.

Her comeback after 11 months, signing an exclusive contract with P NATION, and supporting Song Joong-ki, she is at an inflection point, so it will be interesting to see if her new album will be successful.

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