Girls’ Generation Seohyun seems to have jumped out of the picture? Recent shots of artistic beauty

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Photo = Seohyun Instagram

Girls’ Generation Seohyun shared a beautiful daily life.

Seohyun posted two photos on her Instagram on the 30th with the sentence “happy thoughts only (I wore a mask before and after shooting)”.

Seohyun in the picture sits in front of the framed picture, imitating the pose of the person in the picture. Seohyun’s visuals, which look like pictures, also attract our eyes. The black beret, sunglasses, and costumes are full of chic.

The internet users who saw this showed reactions such as “nice”, “like stealing from the ruble”, and “cool, older sister”.

Seohyun appeared in the JTBC drama “Private Lives” which ended broadcasting in South Korea last year.

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