GHOST9 releases 3rd mini album title track ‘SEOUL’ performance trailer

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On March 4, GHOST9 released the third performance trailer of the title song “SEOUL” of their 3rd mini album “NOW : Where we are, here” on their official SNS.

This video caught our eyes as GHOST9 performed in front of a palace with red and gorgeous lights, full of energy. The choreography, expresses GHOST9’s unique grand and tough atmosphere, and the short but powerful performance made a strong impact. The final scene, in which the gorgeous lights seemed to disappear, left a lingering impression and raised interest in their comeback stage.

In addition, the fast beat and repeated lyrics of “The city of Seoul” gave an addictive effect and captivated listeners.

The title track “SEOUL” is a number that tells the story of “the Seoul we meet” from their point of view, where GHOST9 is living in the present, and the first story of the NOW series begins.

GHOST9 has been attracting attention for their unusual activities, such as developing a novel symbolic character GLEEZ with a unique worldview, performing their debut stage at Seoul’s landmark 63 Building for the first time as a K-pop artist, and holding a showcase on a sky scraper with a heliport.

Every time the group takes on a new challenge, and after three months of super-fast comeback, GHOST9 has been exploring the music scene without hesitation, and there is a lot of interest in what they will show in this album.

GHOST9’s 3rd mini album ‘NOW : Where we are, here’ will be released on the 11th at 6pm through various music distribution sites.

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