DAY6’s Young K to release collaboration song with popular Filipino singers Ben&Ben on May 28

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Photo=JYP Entertainment

Young K of DAY6 will be releasing a collaboration song with popular Filipino singers Ben&Ben.

On May 26, Ben&Ben officially announced through their official SNS that they will be collaborating with Young K. According to this announcement, the collaboration album is scheduled to be released on May 28.

Ben&Ben said, “We did a surprise collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Young K from DAY6, to re-arrange ‘Leaves’. We hope you will enjoy this song.

Young K has recently collaborated with musicians both in Korea and abroad, and has been recognized for his excellent musicianship, having participated in the writing and composing of most of DAY6’s songs, as well as producing songs for many other singers, including Park Sae-byul, GOT7, Jamie, UP10TION, Bernard Park, Jung Seung-eun, and Eric Nam. In January, he was featured in Thai singer-songwriter STAMP’s “Sugar High,” and in February, he sang in producer Park Moon-chi’s new song “What a Wonderful Word.

Young K, who debuted with DAY6’s first album “The Day” in 2015, has been loved by music fans in and outside of Korea with hits such as “You Were Beautiful,” “I Loved You,” “I Wish I Could Be a Page,” and “Zombie” with the members. His new song “You Make Me,” which was released on April 19, also reached number one in the music rankings, proving that his popularity has grown even higher.

He is also active as a radio DJ. In November last year, he was selected as the 9th DJ of KBS Cool FM’s “DAY6’s KISS THE RADIO,” and every day at 10 p.m., he communicates with listeners and guests with his excellent hosting skills and talk that shines with a sense of humor.

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