Comedian Lee Hyuk-jae accused by acquaintance for not paying back debt

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It turns out that comedian Lee Hyuk-jae did not repay his debt and was charged by an acquaintance.

On the afternoon of the 25th, it was reported that Lee Hyuk-jae was charged with not paying back after borrowing tens of millions of won (about several million yen) from acquaintance A in the name of business funds.

Lee Hyuk-jae’s acquaintance A filed a complaint with the Chungcheongnam-do Cheonan Southeastern Police Station, stating that Lee Hyuk-jae had stolen his debt.

The amount of money that Mr. A claims to have been damaged is about 20 million won (about 1.88 million yen). It is said that Lee Hyuk-jae did not repay after borrowing from himself in the name of business funds.

However, Lee Hyuk-jae’s claim was different. The money is not borrowed by himself, but borrowed by a corporation, which is about 9 million won (about 8,161.87 usd). “It’s a shame that people around me seem to have a bad impression because I’m a celebrity,” he said.

As a result, the police will conduct a summoning investigation against Lee Hyuk-jae after grasping the facts through an investigation into the complainant A.

Lee Hyuk-jae has been suspended from performing arts since season 2 of TV Chosun’s variety show “Beautiful You” broadcast in South Korea in 2016.

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