CIX Bae Jin-young’s appearance in “The King Of Mask Singer” “I’ve always wanted to appear in this show.

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Photo: “The King Of Mask Singer” Broadcast Screen Captures

The “The King Of Mask Singer” “Sesame Oil” was Bae Jin-young of boy group CIX.

MBC’s “The King Of Mask Singer” aired in Korea on the 23rd, and the second round of semi-finals was held for the masked singers to challenge the “Emerald of May” as the song king.

The true identity of “Sesame Oil” was now revealed and was non other than Bae Jin-young, a member of CIX. He said, “When I first debuted, my fans always wanted me to appear on this show, so I’ve always wanted to appear on ‘The King Of Mask Singer.

Shin Bong-sun, who was listening, said, “You’ve taken off your mask. It’s more unrealistic. Isn’t that right? Look at those proportions,” she marveled.

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