Brave Girls took first place on ‘Inkigayo’ without ever appearing on the show! The “Rollin'” boom is still hot!

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Photo=SBS “Inkigayo” Broadcast Screen Capture

Brave Girls won the first place on “Inkigayo”

On May 9, SBS’s “Inkigayo” aired, and the top contenders were SG WANNABE’s “Timeless” and Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” and “We Ride.

The two groups that became a hot topic in the past released songs ranked again on the charts, fierce competition developed, the hero of the first place was Brave Girls. Brave Girls did not appear on the show that day, but they were honored with the first place.

NORAZO, BIBI, BAE173, STAYC, 3YE, AIVAN, AB6IX, NTX, ENHYPEN, ONF, ITZY, Jawsoul, Classmate, P1Harmony, Highlight, HOT ISSUE, and others performed on “Inkigayo” that day and presented a spectacular stage.

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