ATEEZ coming back on March 1st? FROM THE NEW WORLD

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Photo = KQ Entertainment
ATEEZ has released a surprise image.

At midnight on February 5, ATEEZ’s official SNS posted a note saying “FROM THE NEW WORLD 2021.03.01 6PM” along with an image.

In the image released, a tree with beautiful flowers is decorated with black hats, pirate ships, dolls, etc. in the sky and clouds. This object is a representative of the ATEEZ worldview from the previous album, and the ATEEZ logo is engraved next to it.

ATEEZ released their album “ZERO: FEVER Part.1” in July last year, and received a lot of support with a total of 380,000 copies sold and awards from “2020 MAMA” “2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS” “10th GAON Chart MUSIC AWARDS” “30th Seoul Music Awards” with great results.

In addition, they were well received by various global media such as American Billboard, iTunes charts, Japanese Oricon, TIME, PAPER, SCMP, etc., and are regarded as the leading role of next-generation K-POP.

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