AB6IX talks about their passion for music: BEAUTY+ Photo shoot

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AB6IX’s photo shoot is getting a lot of attention.

The next generation of photo shoot artisans because of their professional way of leading the atmosphere in response to the various requests of the staff.

The members of AB6IX were excited to be photographed for the first time in a long time. Lee Dae-hwi said, “I want to do music that is not boring, so I am studying a lot about not only vocals but also performance, facial expression, and fashion according to the genre.

Next, Park Woo-jin said, “I want to write lyrics that have a lot of meaning and can comfort the listeners,” and Jeon Woong said, “When the lyrics written by the members resonate with me, I write songs as an extension of them. Furthermore, as Kim Dong-hyun said, “Seeing the members like this inspires me to write and compose lyrics to grow even more,” the members are willing to take on unfamiliar and new challenges in order to put their own unique characteristics on the album and stage.

With each album, they surprise their fans with diverse styles of singing and stunning performances, and their stages are not made overnight. Park Woo-jin said, “It’s tough, but once I start, I won’t give up. If you work hard, I believe you will see results one day. Jeon Woong said, “When I see people who have debuted before me, I feel like, ‘This time is going to pass and I’ve been working hard with the feeling of ‘my turn will also come,’ but I really met wonderful members when I joined BRANDNEW MUSIC.” The passion of the members who are working hard for the future has come together to complete the current AB6IX.

AB6IX’s photo shoot can be seen in the April issue of “BEAUTY+” and on their official SNS and website.

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