7-member boy group BLITZERS releases medley of highlights from their debut album “CHECK-IN”

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Photo=WUZO Entertainment

BLITZERS has released part of the soundtrack for their debut album.

On May 8, BLITZERS released a medley of highlights from their first EP “CHECK-IN” through their official SNS.

The released video contains highlights of a total of six songs, including the title track “Breathe Again” as well as “Blitz” and “Drawing Paper,” which were released as pre-debut songs last year. In addition, various images expressing the intense visuals and gentle charisma of the BLITZers were both released, captivating the eyes and ears.

The title track, “Breathe Again,” is a number that reinterprets the hip-hop style of the 1990s and 2000s, with a harmonious combination of break-based drum beats and intense guitar. The song expresses the wish of people who are now far away from each other, but will surely meet again and return to their ordinary lives, breathing freely and playing around in the same space.

Other songs include “Blitz,” remixed with trendy elements and a richer sound than the previous song, “CHECK-IN,” which heralds the beginning of a new trip, “Ocean Blue,” a cool-sounding pop number about a lazy morning and a day with plenty of time to spare, and “Dream Pilot,” a song about wanting to fly in a dream that is always new and fun. Dream Pilot,” in which they sang about wanting to have a new and fun flight in their dreams, and “Drawing Paper,” in which they sang about how they had spent time with their friends as WUZO CIRCLE and were waiting for the day when they would meet again in a better place.

BLITZERS’ first EP “CHECK-IN” will be released at 6 p.m. on the 12th on various music distribution sites.

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